Junior Entrepreneurs

Over the past 10 weeks the children in Fifth and Sixth Class have been working with Mr O’ Connor on the Junior Entrepreneur Programme.  The programme teaches the children about real business life while they also learn how to develop their own skills. 

The class was broken into groups and each group came up with an innovative business idea.  Icey Delights, Kala Bands, TCD Cards, Krispy Keyrings and Tennis Ball Key Holders were ideas which were touted to a panel of Dragons who put the teams through their paces.  After some deliberation the Dragons chose the project which they felt had the most potential as a business proposition – Krispy Keyrings.

At this point the class was divided into teams. Sales, Finance, Design and Production, Storytelling and Market Research. Each team worked collaboratively on developing our product. We had Louise McDonnell, a local entrepreneur, visit our class and give a fantastic presentation on marketing through social media.

Finally we had a showcase day where Krispy Keyrings sold out within a few hours. It was a fantastic experience which gave an informative insight into developing a product and business. Teamwork was at the heart of everything we achieved and we look forward to taking part in similar initiatives in the future.

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