Soil is Not Dirt Workshop in Kilglass House

The boys and girls in Mrs Meeneghan’s 1st and 2nd Class went on great trip to Kilglass House today as part of Science Week.  The children had a super time in the gardens of Kilglass House.  They really had lots of fun in the hands-on “Soil is Not Dirt” workshop.  The children were full of joy as they  learned about nature and the web of life.  


Music Generation

On Tuesdays, over the next 12 weeks, Catherine McGlinchey from Music Generation will be sharing her fantastic musical talents with the children in First and Second Class.




She is introducing First and Second Class to the world of rhythm, beat, tempo and percussion.  Lots of the clapping and rhythmic games are already zooming in on our listening and responding skills.  We are learning all about rhythm syllables (ta, titi) and staff notation (crotchets and quavers) in a fun and engaging manner. 



It is great to hear music wafting down the corridors of the school once again; music is such a powerful medium to promote well-being, encourage connection and foster personal development.





Building Bridges

Comprehension strategies are being explicitly taught to the children in 1st and 2nd Class.  It is important that we think about what we are reading and to construct meaning.  We are busy predicting, questioning, visualising and making connections in First and Second Class.  We will be adding to our comprehensions strategies during the year.