Jolly Phonics Songs and Actions

Click on the links below to hear the Jolly Phonics songs and to see children performing the actions.

Group 1:        s, a, t, i, p, n

Group 2:        c/k, e, h, r, m, d

Group 3:        g, o, u, l, f, b

Group 4:        ai, j, oa, ie, ee/or

Group 5:        z, w, ng, v, OO

Group 6:        y, x, ch, sh, th

Group 7:        qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar


We have been practising our sorting skills by following the Ready Set Go programme in maths. The children explore sorting using a variety of materials – pine cones, shells, plastic teddy bears and animals, bottle lids, buttons, 2D shapes etc. They sort by colour, shape, size, texture, number of holes and more.





Here are some pictures of our play through the month of September








Letter Formation using Playdoh & whiteboards

The children love practising their letter formation using playdoh and writing them on their whiteboards. Take a look at their work.



Self Portraits

We drew self portraits and painted a background for them. See our fabulous results.

Team sheet announced for the weekend

Best of look to the Mayo team this weekend in the All Ireland Final, from all the Junior and Senior infants in Kilglass NS.

Jolly Phonics

Click on the individual letter sound to hear it pronounced:

Overview of Pupil Book:

Welcome to our new Junior and Senior Infants

We had an exciting day on Wednesday as we welcomed back our new Senior Infant class and met our new Junior Infants for the first time. A big thank you to parents for having all the children so refreshed and organised as they start into school. Here are some pictures from our first days.

Aistear Play Time: Easter and Spring

We had fun playing at our Easter table this week. We used straw, baskets, chicks and eggs in our play and enjoyed pouring and scooping the birdseed into different containers! And of course cleaning up after too!! Some of the groups used an oasis to stick flowers in for our Easter table.

Maths Activities in our Class.

13th March 2021: Counting, patterns and sorting things in Maths this week.

Story Time In Junior Infants -March 2020

Back to School Again!

8th March 2021

Here are Junior and Senior Infants enjoying being back at school last week. We really enjoyed catching up with our friends.

Happy Christmas!

We were very busy in December this year and had some great fun playing in our different Aistear stations- we pretended we were feeding reindeers, baked lots of fresh treats and sweets in Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, wrote and designed Christmas cards at the North Pole Post Office and learned how to wrap presents in Santa’s workshop.

Santa Visit to Kilglass!

We all got a great Christmas surprise last Friday when Santa visited our school with treats for us all! We were really amazed that Santa had time to do this at such a busy time of year- all the children were so happy to see him and it reminded us all that the ‘Christmas Spirit’ is everywhere around us this year and we are very grateful for all the good and kind things people do for others at Christmas and all the year round. Nollaig Shona!

Space Activities in Junior and Senior Infants

We are learning about Space this month, and we began this week by building some flying machines for our space characters and a Space station to play in!

On Friday we built some cool flying Space crafts for an Alien or an Astronaut. We all got a box that we had collected at school and cut holes in it to stick the people in and wings.