History of Kilglass

In 1872 a national school was opened in Kilglass on the present site.  At that time it was a thatched structure.  In 1902 a new building was constructed which still survives as part of today’s school.  Subsequently this was extended and remodelled in 1951.

The 1980’s saw the building being re-roofed, rewired and the outdoor toilet block was demolished and replaced by newly constructed toilets attached to the main building.  Later the old shelter was converted into an office and Learning Support/ Resource teacher accommodation.  The play area was drained and resurfaced and the front wall recessed to help ease traffic congestion.  2011 was an exciting year for all in Kilglass   Three new classrooms and an office were added and the existing structure was remodelled.  Subsequently a field was purchased; an astro-turf and basketball court was developed.

A further extension encompassing a classroom, resource room, store room and foyer was added in 2016.  The school built on a lovely new mainstream classroom incl. ensuite toilets, revised entrance hall, office and universal WC in 2020 with an extension to the basketball court taking place in the summer of 2020.