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The school calendar for the 2024/2025 academic year is as follows:

School Reopens

Monday 2nd September 2024

Halloween Break         

Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November 2024 (inclusive)


Monday 23rd December 2024 to Friday 3rd January 2025 (inclusive)

St Brigid’s Day             

Monday 3rd February 2025

Mid Term Break          

Thursday 20th February & Friday 21st February 2025

St. Patrick’s Day          

Monday 17th March 2025


Monday 14th March to Friday 25th April 2025 (inclusive)

May Bank Holiday      

Monday 5th May 2025

June Bank Holiday     

Monday 2nd June 2025


School finishes Wednesday 25th June 2025

The school calendar for the 2023/2024 academic year is as follows:

School Reopens

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Halloween Break         

Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November 2023 (inclusive)


Monday 25th December 2023 to Friday 5th January 2024 (inclusive)

St Brigid’s Day             

Monday 5th February 2024

Mid Term Break          

Thursday 15th February & Friday 16th February 2024

St. Patrick’s Day          

Monday 18th March 2024


Monday 25th March to Friday 5th April 2024 (inclusive)

May Bank Holiday      

Monday 6th May 2024

June Bank Holiday     

Monday 3rd June 2024


School finishes Friday 21st June 2024

Every Day Counts

Every day counts. Please support the school and help your child by making sure that he/she is in school every day every week for the full day all year round. This is very important and your interest and support in this crucial area of school attendance is vital. Please see the link below for Tips for Parents.

We are required to notify the National Educational Welfare Board if a child is absent for more than 20 days.

Every Day Counts

The school uniform must be worn at all times.

The school uniform consists of:

  • Navy Jumper/Sweatshirt (crested)
  • Navy Trousers /Sweatpants
  • Navy Pinafore/Skirt
  • Light blue Polo Shirt / Shirt
  • Flat shoes

Crested Jumpers and Jackets are available from :
Paul Bourke c/o Toymaster, Ballina.

Non-crested skirts, pinafores, polo shirts, trousers can be purchased from any department store

Please put your child’s name on all their jumpers and jackets as soon as you buy them.

Each child should attend school every day unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

It is important that the school is notified in writing of the reason for any pupil’s absence.

If a child is approaching 20 days absent, parents will be informed in advance.  If a pupil is absent for 20 days or more during the school year the NEWB is notified.

School will open to receive pupils at 9.20a.m.

All pupils are to be collected by 3.20p.m.

School cannot accept responsibility for supervision of pupils arriving before school opens or those remaining on school property following closure.

We wish to advise that parents leaving children on school property outside of those times do so at their own risk.

9.30a.m. to 2.00p.m.   Junior and Senior Infants

9.30a.m. to 3.10p.m.   All Other Classes

Parent/s of Junior and Senior Infant children should
collect their children at the classroom door.

Parent/s of all other classes should collect their children
at the school gate.

Notes to School
If you wish to send a note (e.g. pupil being late) to the teacher, please write the note in the Comments Section in the journal.   Notes of a private nature should be in a sealed envelope

Parent-Teacher Communication
Formal Parent Teacher meetings are held in November and June. Parents are very welcome in our school and teachers will always make themselves available to meet you. However, we do ask you to make an appointment through Colette, our School Secretary, when you wish to see any member of staff. An appointment procedure ensures we will be able to give you our full attention.

If there is any issue of concern, parents are earnestly requested to contact the school secretary to make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.

School Newsletter
A school newsletter is issued on a termly basis and is given directly to the pupils. Please make sure that you get to see the newsletter as it contains important information on the school calendar and it details all activities taking place in the school. Please ensure that your child delivers the newsletter to you.

School Web Site
The school web site is another important source of information for parents. The website also features the school calendar, the up to date school news and other items of pertinent information. In the event of possible emergency closures e.g. due to inclement weather, we attempt to post information on the website. The website is updated on a weekly basis and is a source of school news and information for parents and children alike.

We recommend that all pupils have a small hand-towel for use in school. Children’s hair should be checked regularly for head-lice. Please notify your child’s class teacher in the event of any health/hygiene issue arising.

We strongly recommend Pupil Personal Accident Insurance which provides 24 hour insurance cover for your son or daughter.
It provides great peace of mind at home or at school.

Pupils are encouraged to eat nutritious food and their lunches should be as healthy as possible.  Pupils are provided with fruit daily.
Pupils may receive milk each day.  Treats are limited to Fridays.

Written applications must be made to the Board of Management where a parent is requesting medicine to be administered during the school day.

Pupils are requested to behave at all times in a manner that will ensure their own safety and the safety of other pupils.  In particular, we remind parents to collect Junior and Senior Infants at the classroom door and all other children at the school gate.  Pupils are required to walk at all times in the school corridor.

The key words repeated in our school are respect and responsibility.  Each pupil is expected to respect themselves and their fellow pupils, teachers and all property and to behave in a responsible manner.
In doing this we are confident that all pupils will enjoy their time in Kilglass National School and will fulfil their potential in a safe, secure and productive learning environment.