Spooky Music Composition

Gardening and a Nature Walk

The boys and girls in Sixth Class were busy preparing the garden beds for the winter.  They were weeding and putting down cardboard, weed barrier and pallets.  We also went on a lovely autumnal nature walk, noting our observations along the way.

The House that Grew, Spooky Skulls & Scarecrows

The children have created some lovely art over the last few weeks.  The House that Grew explored line; this was followed up by lovely decorative sugar skulls.  Finally, we got stuck in to creating some scarecrows for the Kilglass House Scary Woods Walk and the Easkey Scarecrow Festival.  Enjoy.

Music Composition

The boys and girls in Sixth Class created a lovely musical composition based on the story Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins.

I am an Artist

The boys and girls in Sixth Class have created some lovely clay creations of old buildings and ruins.  Their next art project involved lots of drawing and working with paint and colour to create some visually striking images.  Sixth Class bringing the visual arts to life.

Writing Genres

Comprehension Strategies

Figure It Out