On Tuesdays, over the next 12 weeks, Catherine McGlinchey from Music Generation will be sharing her fantastic musical talents with the children in Sixth Class.

We are being introduced to the world of rhythm, beat, tempo and percussion.  Lots of the clapping and rhythmic games are already zooming in on our listening and responding skills.  We are learning all about rhythm syllables (ta, titi) and staff notation (crotchets and quavers) in a fun and engaging manner. 

Electric Fun!

Towards the end of the Summer Term last year the Parent Association purchased a range of science kits for the school to the value of €1250 based on the many topics of the Science Curriculum including Materials, Heat, Air, Water, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism and Forces. 

Since our return in September, Sixth Class have been extremely busy investigating and having great fun exploring the new equipment in our Electricity Kit. We have made simple circuits, series circuits and parallel circuits. We have made circuits with switches, bulbs, motors and buzzers and have examined and grouped materials as conductors and insulators. We have learned a lot and hope to apply our knowledge and the results of our investigations to some design and make tasks in the weeks ahead.

Building Bridges

Figure It Out

Míreanna Amhránaíochta ó Cúla 4