Over the last few weeks, Sixth Class have been immersed in The Toy Theatre project.  It has been inspired by the watercolour painting The Toy Theatre (1910), one of Jack B Yeats many works in the Niland Collection.  Sixth Class worked on this project in partnership with The Model, home of the Niland Collection.  A big thank you to Marc and Sorcha from Branar Téatar do Pháistí for helping us navigate through the project via their insightful and creative workshops.

Each step on the journey required great artistry and creativity from the children.  Firstly, the children made and decorated their own toy theatre.  Next they had to design and make backgrounds, set pieces, characters and props. Then the children had to build a story around a scene in the painting “Toy Theatre” by Jack B Yeats.  Finally, they had to perform and film their toy theatre play.  The children were full of creative ideas, met lots of challenges and had great fun completing the projects along the way.  We hope you will enjoy the magic of The Toy Theatre videos below.