The Teacher Artist Partnership (TAP) is a Creative Ireland Initiative funded by both the Department of Education and Skills and Creative Ireland.

In July  2020 ,Ms. Brogan  completed a week-long Teacher Artist Partnership course  in conjunction with Mayo Education Centre, as result of which Kilglass NS was awarded a fully funded 30-hour Artist in Residence to work with Ms. Brogan and her class.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our school and for Rang 4 & Rang 5  to engage in a fully funded TAP trained Artist in Residency partnership with our TAP trained teacher, Ms. Brogan and the artist Ciara O’Hara.

The emphasis, through this initiative, was on further developing the Partnership between Ms. Brogan, the artist, Ciara O’Hara, the children in  Rang 4 & Rang 5 and the school community at large which resulted in enhanced learning outcomes in the arts and creativity for all involved.

Ms. Brogan and Ciara O’Hara  commenced planning this project in January 2021 and by engaging with the children through Zoom, and with Ms. Brogan in the classroom, the children in Rang 4 & Rang 5 have now brought the partnership and the project to fruition.

The overarching theme was narrowed down to one of ‘Journeys” from the multitude of imaginative ideas elicited from the children. Each child created a picture book of a personal journey-real or imaginative – and the bright, colourful, accordion style books speak for themselves. Techniques such as layering, including objects and methods of book-making as works of art were investigated and utilised by the children, under the guidance of Ciara and Ms. Brogan.

The TAP was concluded by a morning session with Ciara where we investigated art as a temporary event using natural materials and made shadow drawings. 

The TAP project has enhanced our artistic endeavour, approach and methodology in our classroom as an artistic community. 

A sincere ‘Thank You’ to Ciara – as an artist partner in residence she was second to none. 

Enjoy perusing our creative, personal and colourful picture books on the theme of Journeys. 

Giorraíonn beirt bóthar.