Music Generation

On Tuesdays, over the next 14 weeks, Stephanie Pawula from Music Generation will be sharing her fantastic musical talents with the children in Mrs Meeneghan’s & Mr O’Boyle’s First and Second Class and Mr Brennan’s Fifth and Sixth Class.

She is introducing us to the world of rhythm, beat, tempo and percussion.  Lots of the clapping and rhythmic games are already zooming in on our listening and responding skills.  We are learning all about rhythm syllables (ta, titi) and staff notation (crotchets and quavers) in a fun and engaging manner.

Every week she brings interesting instruments for us to try out, some of which include: claves, triangles, maracas, bongoes, and caxixi. Check out the pictures below to get a flavour of the enriching experiences being provided to the children as they explore, perform and compose through the vehicle of percussion.

We look forward to Steph providing us with many musical feasts over the next few weeks.  Míle Buíochas.

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