Scripts, roles, rehearsals and costumes have been centre stage in classrooms over the last two weeks.  Children practiced lines, rehearsed songs and showcased their talents in preparation for the Christmas plays.  From excitement to nervousness and everything in between children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class got set to take on the stage.

Numerous life skills and benefits are developed through the performing arts.  The sense of achievement and confidence boost is fantastic as valuable lessons are learned: hard work pays off, every individual on the team counts, teamwork works, responsibility, commitment and dependability counts, if at first you don’t succeed – try again until you do, nerves can be overcome and you learn to think on your feet.

On Tuesday, we had a lovely visit from the children in Sandcastles who were treated to superb performances.  Ms Duffy set the ball rolling with a lovely production of the nativity “A Miracle in Town”.  This was followed by Mrs Meeneghan’s First and Second Class who staged “Pirates vs Mermaids”, they filled up the stage with great colour, costumes and creativity.  A big thank you to the children, Helen and all the Early Years Educators for their presence and making our first performances on stage so special.

Classes from Third to Sixth went through their paces too on the day.  A big thank you to Geraldine Gordon for all her help with the construction of props and the painting of backdrops for our plays.  A big thank you is extended to Brendan Henry too for building the stage.  We look forward to our performances in front of family and friends over the next two days.