Confirmation Class 2020

Congratulations to our current Sixth Class and to our 2020 Sixth Class alumni who received their Confirmation on Saturday 26th September. A big thank you to Bishop John Fleming for conferring the sacrament and for addressing the candidates in his own inimitable way in his homily. A big thank you to Fr Gerry O’Hora and Canon George McHale.

My hope for the children after all of their efforts in preparing for Confirmation is for them to develop three bones: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. A wishbone to enable them to aspire and have ambition and to have a ‘Go for it’ attitude. A backbone to serve as a source of courage; they will face adversity and challenges to their faith and in their lives and I encourage them to have the strength to face up to these. A funny bone for ‘Giving yourself a break’; mistakes are okay, don’t dwell on them or take life or yourself too seriously.