May Day, the first of May, marks  the ancient feast of Bealtaine. Our ancestors celebrated the start of Summer, Bealtaine,  on May 01 with bonfires, dancing and feasting. The opposite festival of Samhain we now celebrate as Halloween or Oíche Shamhna.
In Ms. Brogan’s Room, Rang 3 and Rang 4 were inspired to revive the tradition of the May Bush this year, to mark and celebrate Bealtaine.
While participating in a World Book Day webinar with Leitrim Author Edwina Guckian, we were introduced to this tradition from our Irish folklore.
To celebrate Bealtaine, the children crafted their own decorations for the tree which, when carefully placed on the tree,  created our May Bush.
We gathered around the May Bush, played tunes on our feadógaí stáin, sang songs and enjoyed solo performances from many of the children.
While the weather was blustery and chilly, the sun shone on us intermittently before we returned to our classroom to continue our Bealtaine celebrations with a little party at lunch time.
Go mbeirmid beo ar an am seo arís.