Maths Week

Lots of interest and curiosity was sparked during Maths Week as children throughout the school worked on lots of interesting and engaging maths activities and problems.  Problem of the Day was a great success and created an enthusiastic buzz around the corridors early every morning.  The children in Fifth and Sixth Class were busy working on problems posed by Abacus and Helix using Izak 9.  They, along with Third and Fourth Class completed many surveys, presenting their results using bar charts, multiple bar graphs and trend graphs.  First and Second Class were busy exploring ordinal numbers, while Junior and Senior Infants did lots of activities from Ready, Set, Go.  The children investigated Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man proportions and obtained remarkable results.  Check out the notice board outside Fifth and Sixth class to find out about the Vitruvian Man – truth or myth?

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