Holy Communion

Congratulations to the boys and girls in Second Class who received their First Holy Communion on Sunday 15th in the Church of the Holy Family in the heart of Kilglass.  As always it stood out as one of the focal points of the school year.  Our heartfelt thanks to Canon George and Mrs Meeneghan for preparing them so well for their special day.  The Church had been beautifully decorated with the art of the Communicants who read, sang, prayed and brought up the gifts so reverently.  The School Choir sang beautifully, with simplicity and authenticity on the day.

Afterwards the students, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours were invited to a thoughtfully prepared reception in the school hall organised by Brendan Henry and the Parents’ Association who looked after the guests in real style.  Our sincere thanks goes to the many parents who provided tasty treats and wonderful hospitality on the day.

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